MyHealthNS is a free personal health information tool available to every resident of Nova Scotia. If your doctor is online and you have activated a connection on MyHealthNS, they can send secure electronic copies of your results and reports they have ordered for you. This can include lab tests, diagnostic imaging results, and some specialist reports.

Update for providers and patients:

MyHealthNS is moving to a new software vendor. For the time being, doctors and patients will continue to have access to all features. Family doctors who are enrolled in the Technology Incentive for Virtual Care, and have met the terms of use, will continue to receive their quarterly payments. No new doctors or patients will be registered until the new software is in place.

The department will share further information when a new software vendor is in place, and will work to ensure this transition is done with minimal impact and in a manner that protects the private information of doctors and patients. Current users who require additional information, or who have questions, can email

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FAQs for Patients

Who can get MyHealthNS?

Anyone with a Nova Scotia health card and access to the Internet.

Do I have to pay to have MyHealthNS?

No. No fees are charged.

Can I get MyHealthNS if I don’t have a family doctor?

Yes, you can set up your MyHealthNS account. But a doctor (or nurse practitioner) needs to send you a secure link to connect with them on MyHealthNS before they can share personal health information (such as test results and reports) to your online record. If you are looking for a family doctor, call 811 where they can help you register to find a family practice. Or you can visit to add your name to the provincial list for people without a family practice (family doctor or nurse practitioner).

If my health care provider doesn’t use MyHealthNS, can I still sign up?

Yes. You will be ready when your health care provider is added.

What if I change health care providers?

Your MyHealthNS record belongs to you. You can remove a health care provider you no longer see. You can add a new provider. It is your permanent health record, wherever you live in Nova Scotia.

What information can my health care provider put into my personal health record?

Your health care provider can choose to add lab results, diagnostic imaging results, specialist reports, problem list, medications, allergies, and immunizations.

How do I see my test results and specialist reports?

When your health care provider gets results or reports electronically, they can choose to share them with you through your MyHealthNS account. When this happens, you get an email alert that links you to the MyHealthNS sign-in page. You must sign in to see private health information. Your health care provider may include a brief message with your test result. For example, they may ask you to schedule an appointment for follow up. If you have questions about the results, contact your health care provider.

If I use a walk-in clinic or emergency room, will those providers be able to access my MyHealthNS account?

Yes, if they use MyHealthNS and you give them permission to access your account. You can also just show them your account on your smartphone.

When health care providers in walk-in clinics, locums, or emergency rooms have access to your health information, you get the care that you need based on the information they can see in your health record.


Who has access to my MyHealthNS account?

Your MyHealthNS information is safe and secure. You have access. Your health care providers and their authorized office staff have access. You control your privacy settings. If you mark a provider as “private,” other health providers cannot see that provider or the information that they add to your account.

Other providers who have your last name, health card number, and date of birth can access your account. They must acknowledge that they are allowed to access your account to provide you with care. They check a box that becomes a permanent record. Your MyHealthNS account records who accessed your information and when. You may view this “access history” at any time.

Can allied health professionals like social workers, occupational therapists, or physiotherapists access my account?

Only if they are part of your health care provider’s team. If so, your health care provider can choose to register them to use MyHealthNS. Allied health professionals in private practice are not able to register. However, you can choose to share your information with them when it is relevant to your care. You may print off information from your account to share with them. You may show them your MyHealthNS account online.

If I have information in my MyHealthNS account that I’d rather no one knows about, can I delete it?

No, but you can control who sees this information. Go to the MyHealthNS privacy settings. Designate the relationship with a provider as “private.” When you do this, other providers who access your record will not see the “private” provider, nor any health record information generated by that provider's practice.

Will the health information in MyHealthNS be shared with third parties or sold?

No. Never. Only you and authorized members of your health care team and their staff have access to your MyHealthNS account. Your privacy is protected by the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA). Learn more on the PHIA webpage.

Accessing MyHealthNS

What are the best Internet browsers to use?

Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Your personal information will be most secure from these supported web browsers.

Can I use my mobile phone to access MyHealthNS?

Yes. You may use any device, any screen size, any mobile operating system. Anytime. Anywhere you have Internet access.

Can I use a public computer to access MyHealthNS?

Not recommended. But if you do, take these steps to protect your privacy after you are done:

  1. Clear the browser cache.
  2. Delete Internet history.
  3. Delete any temporary files created during your session.
  4. Sign off from the operating system.

Managing Accounts for Family Members

Can I create an account for my whole family and manage information for my family members?

You can create, add and manage the personal health information of your children and other family members whose healthcare is your responsibility. This may include an elderly parent or incapacitated partner. Your loved one’s healthcare provider must acknowledge you as their primary caregiver and approve your access to their personal health information through the MyHealthNS system.

How do you change a dependent account to one that is managed directly by the patient (such as when a child outgrows a dependent relationship with a parent/guardian)?

The relationship and exchange of data with a guardian on behalf of a dependent is controlled by the dependent's provider(s) in MyHealthNS. The provider(s) determine the policy on when to dissociate the dependent's account from the guardian's account. Alternatively, the guardian can also choose to transfer the access to the dependent. The right time to transfer a dependent account varies in every situation, so this change of control is done on an individual account basis.

If you wish to have your account dissociated, you may have your guardian use the "Transfer access" link under "Manage Family Members" from their account, which will send you an invitation to the email address they specify. If your guardian is unwilling to do so, please have the provider or their staff request that support does the "Transfer Access". Since the relationship and exchange of data are controlled by the provider, support may not take the action without confirmation from a provider's clinic linked to that dependent.

Can my spouse share my MyHealthNS account?

Yes, but we recommend a shared account only when your spouse is unable to manage their own account. Most spouses would keep separate accounts.

FAQs for Providers

How do family doctors sign up to receive the Technology Incentive Stipend for providing virtual care?

It's easy. Contact the MyHealthNS Program office to get a copy of the enrollment form and incentive details.

What doctors qualify for the Technology Incentive Stipend?

In order to be eligible to receive this funding, you must have your practice setup online with MyHealthNS and have signed up to the virtual care pilot. If you’re not online yet and would like be registered (or for more information about the stipend), please email  to get started.

The Technology Incentive for Virtual Care is available to family physicians (APP, AFP and FFS) who are currently providing full scope Family Medicine to their patients. Applicants may be full-time or part-time practitioners.

A full-time family physician is defined by at least one of the following criteria:

  • Has a roster of at least 1300 active patients
  • Is ordinarily in their clinical office, able to respond to eMessages 5 days per week
  • Is designated 1.0 Clinical FTE by an AFP, APP or salary contract

A physician who is less than full-time will be pro-rated based on their partial achievement of any one of the above.

What is expected of physicians who receive the Stipend?

Participating physicians must:

  1. Be a registered provider on MyHealthNS (stipend applicants not yet registered with MyHealthNS will be prioritized for onboarding).
  2. Practice an “Open Acceptance” policy, for patients who request to connect on MyHealthNS (see Appendix 2 for details), using promotional materials (provided by the MyHealthNS program) to make patients aware that their practice is online.
  3. Personally or through an agent , accept and respond to patient eMessages received through MyHealthNS, aiming for a 2 business day response time, via the portal or by phone.
  4. Release incoming results in MyHealthNS to patients under the Clinical Practice Advisory Group (CPAG) auto-release guideline (see Appendix 3).
  5. Participate in efficiency monitoring activities to inform the evaluation of virtual care.

How will the Stipend be evaluated?

The pilot will inform the question: to what extent does virtual care (eMessage and phone) create efficiencies in the delivery of primary health care, and to what extent could these efficiencies translate into improved access to primary health care? Patient and physician satisfaction with virtual care will be assessed as well as barriers to adoption. The program evaluation tools will include online and mail-in surveys of patients and MDs, as well as the previously mentioned utilization data.

Your Family Practice and eResults: THE FAQS

Lab test results are among the most important sources of information for clinical decision making between you and your patients.

Here are some answers to some common questions healthcare providers are asking...

Is there a cost to my practice to use the eResults platform?

No, none. The Government of Nova Scotia is covering all of the licensing fees for you to offer the RelayHealth platform to your patients.

How do I get my practice online with MyHealthNS?

RelayHealth (the licensed vendor for the MyHealthNS online service) will provide on-site set up support and training to healthcare providers and their staff. Your practice will also receive on-going support and training as you need or want it.

How do I get linked to my patients as their healthcare provider?

Once you and your practice staff are set up and have received training, you can begin letting your patients know your office is MyHealthNS enabled. Posters, information sheets, and tear pads to collect patient email addresses will be provided in your welcome kit.

Patients (or their care givers) who would like to connect with you will present identification and give their email address to your administrative staff, who will then send the patient an invitation through the website.

Do I have to release ALL laboratory, DI, and clinical results through RelayHealth?

The hospital information system will send lab, DI test results and specialist reports to you, as the ordering healthcare provider, within RelayHealth. When you configure your user settings, you will decide if you want to manually release results to your patients. You can also choose to auto-release results (recommended). For your convenience, the MyHealthNS Clinical Practice Advisory Group has made detailed recommendations on how to configure your release settings.

How can I assure my patients that the personal health information on their online health record is safe and secure?

RelayHealth, the approved vendor for this service, is bound by provincial and federal privacy legislation. The health information stored in a patient’s account is kept on a secure server — as is the case with all health information in the province. The collection of personal health information relies on a patient’s implied knowledgeable consent (under Provincial Health Information Act - PHIA).

Under PHIA, you have a duty to make sure that your patients understand that their personal health information is being collected and used under the protection of our provincial health privacy legislation. You do this by making privacy statements and notices about the collection of health information available in your office. These notices must be available both to patients who sign up on RelayHealth, and those who choose not to register an account (“offline” patients). For offline patients, you need implied knowledgeable consent (under PHIA) to collect PHI into “offline” patients’ PHRs.

To bring your clinic online, or for more information: